Sunday, November 25, 2007

Curvy 3D Created Space Scene

Here's something I put together today. The four legged machines were created in a really great program called Curvy3D.

Curvy3D is a spline-based modeler that allows you to create shapes, then modify the shapes by drawing directly onto them (sort of like ZBrush), thereby creating a displacement map in real-time. You can then paint the color map directly onto the object. Any of these image or displacement maps can then be exported into Photoshop, where I usually increase the resolution and then clean them up.

This model took literally about an 30 minutes to make, which is a miracle to me since modeling in 3D is something I have a very hard time with. In order to get the images from Curvy into Photoshop, I made a screenshot of the model, brought it into Photoshop and composited it onto a landscape which was rendered in Carrara 5. All the post work was done in Photoshop. Also, I tend to work in CMYK color space in order to do whatever color correction I think is necessary.

If you would like more information on Curvy3D, please go to

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