Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bug Ship done with Colors 1.1

This image was done with the newest version of Colors, a homebrew app for the Nintendo DS. The DS screen is pressure sensitive so you get a lot of expressive response to the opacity and thickness of the brush line depending on how hard you push down on the screen. Unfortunately, the newer DSi models don't offer pressure sensitivity, though they are obviously touch sensitive.

Colors is very straightforward to use. There are no layers, just brush settings and a color wheel. I doodled this image in about an hour or so, trying out some of the newer features of the 1.1 update. There's a new natural brush setting in addition to the two standard brushes, and there's now the option to export your image to higher resolutions. The standard screen resolution for the DS Lite screen is 512 x 384 pixels, while this image was exported to 1024 x 784 pixels. The increase in resolution is quite dramatic!

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