Monday, May 21, 2012

Curvy Car

This car was created with Curvy3D and was originally intended to be a spaceship.  I started out with some jet engine shapes.  Once I had placed the cab on top of the engines, it looked too much like a car.  So, I turned the engines around to make them into wheels.  The shapes, deformation maps and textures were all worked out in Curvy3D, though I eventually reworked the textures in Photoshop to clean them up.

I exported the model from Curvy as an .OBJ file and opened it in Carrara.  The reworked textures were reapplied to the model in Carrara.  The completed model was placed onto one of Carrara's stock landscapes, where I lit it and created the rendered image.

All told, this image took about 4-5 hours over a couple of days to do.

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