Saturday, August 25, 2012

Korg Experiment.m4a

Having recently acquired some Korg equipment, I thought I would try to create a new piece of music with it all. This piece was recorded to my iPad2 using the Multitrack Recorder app. A Korg Monotribe supplied the initial groove and drone, while most of the other instruments came from a Korg MicroStation. Finally, I used a Korg Monotron Delay synth to add some cool spacey effects into the mix. The whole project took a couple of hours to do!

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Dennis said...

Hi Pierre, I enjoyed your blog, your art and music, and I was wondering if I could chat with you about a project you did many years ago . . . Noise Shop! Best way to reach me is, my name is Dennis (Beandaddy) Thanks very much, hope you can write