Thursday, August 15, 2013

Places I've Never Been 1

I've been using PD Pro Howler for many years now.  It's a fascinating paint and animation program but its lack of opaque layers limits its usefulness when it comes to digital painting.  Even though version 9 doesn't fix the problem, it does add some incredible new features that I'm having a blast playing with.

You can now take any kind of image and use it as an elevation map that can then be raytraced with global illumination to create all sorts of fantastic landscapes.  This image uses a floor plan I found on the internet, that was then distressed using some of Howler's filters.  The resulting image was then combined with a color map to give it a desert feel.  The images were then used by the built-in raytracing filter to create the image you see here.

It's all incredibly fun to play with and hopefully I'll post many more interesting images in the near future.

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